"You cannot convince a monkey that honey is sweeter than banana"

-African Proverb
Damilola Omotola
6 Jobs Created Abuja User since Jun 2017 127,000 (Funded)
Status: Do what you say you will do
Bio: I run a medium size business center out of Abuja and looking to expand, this is my second company started and i intend to start a lot more.
This project evolved in a lot more than just financial model development as per original job post. It was a real pleasure working on this project although at times communication was slow due to heavy workload and busy schedule, Damilola is one of the best clients I have worked with – flexible, knowledgeable, open to suggestions, always ready to explore new ideas.
By Benson Okoro
Damilola is thorough and understanding which makes for a perfect client. She is always on time with payment and is open to opinions and new ideas. Had a great experience.
By Raymond Mgba
She was always reachable and kept to schedule.
By Victor Eyang
Damilola was amazing. so professional and she pays on time.
By Benson Okoro