"You cannot convince a monkey that honey is sweeter than banana"

-African Proverb
Otuyemi Tosin
18 Jobs Created Abuja User since Jun 2017 278,000 (Funded)
Status: Small woman with big dreams
Bio: I run a small consultancy agency where I work on projects for clients. My jobs span a few different sectors so there's always something to be done. I appreciate working with freelancers who are professional in their approach and I tend to repeat when I find good service.
I'd like to thank Tosin for being very patient with me. She was amazing during the work process and supported me all the way.
By Joy Amao
Great client. Very courteous.
By James Owomero
Great client. Explains requirements in a clear and concise manner.
By James Owomero
Handled the job and process professionally. Looking forward to working with you again
By Raymond Mgba
Communication for the most part was flawless. I enjoyed working on this project. She is a lovely person to work with.
By Chioma Owumelum
Brilliant working with Otunyemi, it was a pleasure
By Chike Nwanesi
Otuyemi is a good person to work with, she does what she says. And is very attentive to other options.
By Raymond Mgba
She payed on time and communicated the subject matter clearly. Thank you for the opportunity.
By Grace Abeye
Working with Otuyemi is very nice. She's clear about what she wants and communicates effectively.
By Elizabeth Izuora
Enjoyed working with him
By Stanisulus Ajali