"You cannot convince a monkey that honey is sweeter than banana"

-African Proverb
Paul Ekwe
10 Jobs Created Abuja User since Jun 2017 153,000 (Funded)
Bio: I own my own movie production studio. I am a movie lover and love making movies. Look out for Paul E productions. We kick off soon
He made the work easy to work on. He clearly stated what was required of me which i have found to be difficult working with other clients.
By Chioma Owumelum
He was very professional to work with. Knew exactly what he wanted, and in places where he wasn't fully conversant, he could at least communicate his concepts across vividly for us to interpret.
By Smiley Pixels
A very meticulous and anal person to work with, but these qualifications also helps move the work faster. He is a professional
By Smiley Pixels
He took forever to reach, was never up to sync with the project. Aside that he was okay to work with.
By Micheal Achile