"You cannot convince a monkey that honey is sweeter than banana"

-African Proverb
Say goodbye to business as usual and say hello to the new way to work The Best organisations win because they have the best skilled workforce. But great people can be hard find. We've created an online workplace for everyone that connects clients with the best freelance talent from around the country.

Do you need a writer? Or a team of developers for your upcomming projects? Efiko helps you find the right experts to drive your idea to success. We let you work effortlessly with freelancers anywhere.

How do I find work? With so many skilled freelancers around the country, Efiko allows you create a winning profile free of charge to keep you best placed to attract high paying freelance work on the platform. With a winning profile and consistent work, you can grow your career on Efiko.

How do I pay for work? With our carefully designed Workdesk developed on escrow payment protection technology, your payments are held in trust and protected against your job requirements so you only pay for work you are happy with and approve.