"You cannot convince a monkey that honey is sweeter than banana"

-African Proverb
Emmanuel Adesina
7 Jobs Created Lagos User since Jun 2017 390,000 (Funded)
Bio: I'm an entrepreneur. I sell and deliver corporate, casual and sports footwear nation wide. I studied economics at the University of Essex, England. I'm a principal manager at Saro Ltd. I also manage ad design website
Great to work with, very detailed and particular. Learned a lot and cant wait to work with you again
By Raymond Mgba
Working with Emmanuel was fantastic. He offered a listening ear to all my suggestions and made adjustments to suit my time.
By Victoria Bluejack
It was fun and interesting working with you Emmanuel and hope I can work with you again in the near future. Thank you for the opportunity, God bless
By Pamela Nduka
Working with Emmanuel was fantastic. Pays on time and he explained the project clearly
By Victoria Bluejack