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-African Proverb
I need an animator
by Yusuf Bashiru
2 Wks project Kaduna 5 days ago 50,000
We're a very early stage health technology startup and we need a 30-60 second video explaining our product. We have four scenes we'd like to either fully animate or overlay animation onto a video. We can set out detailed scenes with a script or give freedom to the animator.
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Makmo Makama
50,000 2 Wks
Hello I am Makama Moses and I am an animator and graphics designer. I have done quite a number of animations and designs for huge companies such as StartPreneurs Abuja. I have some videos to show you on request. I will work with you and show you details as you wish as I work
No Negotiations
Ajimoti Muzaffar
50,000 4 Days
I am Ajimoti Muzaffar Ademola, a Digital Marketer, Whiteboard animator and an email writer. I would love to know more about the type of video animation you are in need. Kindly contact me and i will forward some samples to you.
Moses Kelvin
50,000 3 Wks
I have video evidence to prove my worth in creating realistic animations. Should you be interested, I will be available to discuss, in proper, what your job really entails.