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Chiamaka Ozurumba
Looking for Sponsorship Proposal and Package Writter
3 Days project Abuja 6 months ago 5,000

We are trying to market a diversity program by getting sponsorship from large companies. Need someone who can write a proposal for large corporations asking to sponsor the program. Must be creative, clear and concise writer with ability to make the package attractive.

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Khaldun jr. Enterprise
4,000 2 Days
I will write a nice article for you and also assist you on anything related to article challenges. I deliver the best article which you can ever imagine plagiarism free. I will work for you with great passionate, irrespective of your chosen topic, I will deliver the best which other seller cannot do with less cost.. All you just need is to entrust me with your work not minding whether am a new seller or not, as a trial will always convince you. Thanks..
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Bella Frank
5,001 3 Days
What you need is someone who has an understanding of your brand and project objectives as well as that of your sponsors. With this knowledge, you can create a proposals that offers both parties what they want, thus increasing your chances of securing a sponsorship. You could go for a generic proposal that you can give to multiple sponsors but I recommend personalized proposals. Makes your potential sponsors feel that they are more than just money bags to you. I am here for you. Whatever you need. I can offer recommendations based on my experience but at the end of the day, I am here to help you achieve your objectives
Uche Okonkwo
3,900 2 Days
You can trust me to write a master piece that opens doors for opportunities for you
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Joshua Oluyide
5,000 3 Days
Hi Chiamaka, I am excellent at writing proposals , let my work show my worth.
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Samuel Ejiga
4,000 2 Days
I have the needed experience of writing proposals to businesses, governmental organizations and individual financers with my clients relay a 94% success rate feedback. I write proposals and business plans in a way that says to the target individual, investment in me I am all the more worth it. I tactically focus on the aspects of the business that would attract anyone and if my client have specific information about who they are approaching I would also highlight strategically what the business or person would love to see. I throw in a summarized version of any feasibility study provided to make my clients prospects understand that they have it all covered. I would love to share previous works but most clients ask for NDA so it's going to be hard to share my portfolio if this kind of writing. But if you insist and want to see one I would ask permission from a number of clients and maybe they would let me. Looking forward to working with you. Thank you.
Eseoghene Tialobi
4,000 3 Days
Hi Chiamaka, I have experience developing content for brands ranging from blog posts, to letter of introduction, proposals, sponsorship letters and the likes. One of my strongest point is giving your brand a unique voice whilst drafting convincing proposals at the same time. I could forward some samples of my work to you too. It would be great to work with you on your project.