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Damilola Omotola
Accountant / Bookkeeper for Property Management
4 Mnths project Abuja 5 months ago 130,000

We will contact only those candidates who most closely match our requirements. Only the best candidates will be considered. A bookkeeper's central role is to maintain financial records for a company or organization. To do the job effectively, you must have detail-oriented skills that allow you to keep up with company expenditures, income, payroll and tax requirements. Familiarity with accounting software is beneficial because most companies use these programs to report transactions, issue payments and balance accounts. If you're highly organized and enjoy working with numbers, a job as a bookkeeper might be the perfect way to get your name on the payroll ledger. Accounting As a bookkeeper, the bulk of your time is spent on accounting tasks. For example, you're expected to deposit funds from clients or patients, make payments to vendors who provide services to keep the office running, print payroll checks or issue pay electronically, balance bank accounts and issue expense account reimbursements. Financial transactions must be entered in the accounting software program on a daily basis so account balances accurately reflect income and outgo. Many bookkeepers also prepare reports -- financial, auditing, accounting and tax -- on a monthly or quarterly basis. Administration Bookkeepers must be organized, trustworthy and thorough with administrative tasks. Since bookkeepers are responsible for handling company finances --including cash -- they must be responsible with each transaction so funds aren't misplaced or improperly allocated. Receipts, reports and financial documents must be kept on file so there's an explanation for every financial transaction. As a bookkeeper, you'll have a steady work flow so you must keep up with administrative tasks, so you don't get behind on financial obligations, accounting demands or paperwork requirements. Office Communication A bookkeeper must meet with department supervisors and other managers to discuss budget needs and inventory demands. Without effective communication, you won't know what purchases have been made and can't enter all transactions in the accounting software program. You're also responsible for getting receipts from employees and issuing expense account reimbursements. Communicating with coworkers on a daily basis and creating procedures for receipt submission and expense account reimbursements can help your work day flow smoothly. Education Even though a high school diploma is all you need to become a bookkeeper, some companies prefer to hire bookkeepers with further, formal education. College coursework in accounting, bookkeeping or a related business field can help you stand out among applicants. Previous clerical experience and knowledge of accounting software programs are also beneficial for bookkeeping positions. Please apply according to the instructions in this job description.

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Mamuruemu Akpotor
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Lucky Danikoko
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Straight and forward.
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Ifeanyi Idiaye
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Hello, I hold a degree in applied accounting and have also acquired relevant experience in the field having worked as an external auditor in the past. I can help you manage your books, prepare reports, and perform analyses of key financial data to give you insight into the business and financial performance of your property venture. I am very meticulous and can work within tight schedules to achieve goals. I can develop a business prototype simulation which would enable you assess financial risks and potential business performance over time. I will be looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the coming days. Thanks
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