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-African Proverb
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COMPETITION: ALitFest Writing Competition by Efiko, ALS & Bella Naija
6 Days project Abuja 4 months ago 50,000

In commemoration of the very first Abuja Literary Society Festival 2018 (AlitFest 2018), Efiko has partnered with the Society and Bella Naija to sponsor and host this writing competition. Win N50,000, a chance to get published on Bella Naija, and get free entry into a masterclass. In line with the AlitFest theme 'Nigeria to the World' all you have to do is write an article on any of the topics below: 1. The Nigerian Music Evolution. 2. Modern Age of Nigerian Culture 3. Modern Nigerian Art Influences 4. The concept of Nigerian Beauty 5. Nigerian Immigration Reality 6. The change in the State of Security in Nigeria 7. Nigerian Returnees: Prodigal Story or Shallow Dream 8. The enabling environment for Nigerian Entrepreneurship. 9. Modern Nigerian Tourism Trends 10. Nigerians more health and fitness oriented than ever. 11. Nigerian Cuisine Restaurant Culture 12. Educational Expectations in Nigeria Today 13. Reality of Daily Living in Nigeria 14. Dating the Nigerian Way. 15. The rise of Nigerian Social Media Influencers 16. Is there a future for transportation in Nigeria? 17. Nigerians and the Cinema Culture 18. Reading and Literacy in Modern Nigeria 19. New Trends in Nigerian Architecture 20. Science and Tech Innovation in Modern Nigeria 21. Metoo Movement and the African Mindset 22. Breaking Even: What is the Nigerian Dream? 23. Nigerian Celebrities being Role Models GUIDELINES 1. Signup as a freelancer on 2. Complete your profile 3. Submit a bid with 6 days duration and a budget of 50k with a brief introduction of your self 4. update your bid by attaching your Article as a PDF attachment anytime between now and the closing date (Note: you must be signed up to submit a bid) 5. No profranity will be tolorated 6. General abstainance from negativity in your writing style 7. 1,000 minimum word limit 8. Adherance to blog ready format will be appreciated but not compulsory. For example; avoid long sentences, use a focus keyword, write in an active voice 9. Sign the bottom of your article with your name, email address and contact number NOTES 1. The winning writer will have funds awarded as a job on 2. All funds will be paid to your Efiko wallet. Withdrawals can be made to any Nigerian Bank account For more details, see Competition closes on the 30th of June 2018. The winner of the prize money will be revealed on the 6th of July. Happy Writing.

Bids on this Job (38)
Lawson Williams
50,000 6 Days
Hello, my name is Lawson Williams. I am a Banking and Finance student in Niger Delta University in Bayelsa State. I am also a writer and a movie enthusiast with an artistic fire burning in me. The topic Nigerians and the cinema culture spoke to me and this is me answering the call.
Patience George
50,000 6 Days
George Patience. Writer | Poet | Lover of all forms of literary arts
Olayinka Foluwasade
50,000 6 Days
I am Foluwasade Olayinka, a thought disruptor and great writer. I have three e-newsletters I publish on social media; idEASvent, ReFINEnaija and Reminiscence.
Christiana Oko
50,000 6 Days
I am a 19 year old English student with a passionate drive for all thing's artistic and I hope you see this too. For this project I chose "dating the Nigerian way" which takes a look at the adolescence stage of dating to the adult stage
The intent is to invoke crystal consciousness in an area of artistic modern endeavours, to use words as tools that would help educate and inspire men on the accuracy of true and actionable fact.
Oluwaseyi Oso
50,000 6 Days
I am a potter of words. A student at the university of Lagos, department of English. I have published some of my works online. Recently, one of my works was awarded a prize. My passion is to nail words on paper until it resurrects in the hearts and minds of humanity.
Iboro Inyang
50,000 6 Days
I personally admire the theme for this year, the focus on our country Nigeria. In my write-up, I was glad to lay bare my thoughts as it concerned my dear country.
Seun Ogunbiyi
50,000 6 Days
I am interested in almost everything in life. The only way to make everything relatable is through WORDS. Word is the balm, communication is the healer.
Ezinne Edet
50,000 6 Days
My name is Ezinne Edet. I am a creative writer and content developer. I write articles, poems, edit and proofread. I also run a blog where I frequently pen down my thoughts.
Rotimi Alao
50,000 6 Days
Creative, poetic and captivating! If that does not describe how I write, then I'll learn, relearn and learn again. Try me!
Eseoghene Tialobi
50,000 6 Days
I love the power and beauty of words. And I love using them as a tool for building social change and inspiring new narratives.
Yusuf Eslah
50,000 6 Days
Writing with the soul aim of putting the hardest things in the simplest ways... And touching the soul of the common man is the beginning of the uncommon journey. For hope is what Nigeria needs, and aware is what the world needs to be of us
Angela Umoru
50,000 6 Days
I'm all for giving a new dimension to the Nigerian narrative, and even Africa at large #Nigeriatotheworld
Emmanuel D
50,000 6 Days
Having gone through what you need I can deliver the article with high quality within agreed time.
Prince Casmir
50,000 6 Days
Hello my name is Casmir an undergraduate law student of Olabisi Onabanjo University. I am an avid football fan (Manchester united for Life

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