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Blog Article: Freelancers Needed To Start Your Career And Grow Your Career
3 Days project Abuja 1 month ago 2,000

We are looking for a writer that can write fun, relatable articles, on a variety of topics on Freelancing in Nigeria for graduates with careers and aspirations of entrepreneurship as well as Bloggers blogging in Nigeria. We will pay a fixed price of N2000 for a 1,000 word article. SUBJECT FOR THIS ARTICLE: "Freelancers needed to start your career and grow your career." DESCRIPTION: This article’s audience is bloggers and vloggers who are brand influencers that want to take advantage of that that to start their own business. This article should look at specific freelancers who can help achieve more specific and popular paths taken. The article can include these points and any relevant points you identify: The type of freelancers you should be thinking of getting to help as a blogger/vlogger outside of content creation. Business developer to help structure your businesses and develop a product, researcher to help with research, writers and graphic designers to help with ebook creation, education consultant to help with designing a paid course, a branding expert to help with rebranding efforts, Translator to help translate content for a different demographic and a wider audience reach Etc. P.S. No long introductory paragraphs defining influencers or freelancers. Feel free to suggest an alternative Article topic. Only apply if you are a natural English speaker, are able to write fluently in English using good grammar and spelling, and are interested in a longer term writing job. Familiarity with blog posting on Wordpress will be an advantage (scoring high on Readability and SEO for each article). To prove you have read these instructions fully, please add - I am interested in writing for you - as the first line of your application. Specifications: 1. Minimum Word Count: 1,000 words 2. Minimum 2 inbound link references from other articles on the Efiko blog ( 3. Minimum 2 outbound link references from other articles from relatable articles from around the web (links from Nigerian & African websites preferable) 4. SEO and Focus Keyword that is present in the title and the article: SEO wordpress plugin already installed in editor aids this 5. The article should majorly be in active voice 6. Sentences shouldn’t be longer than 20 words 7. Paragraphs shouldn’t be too long 8. Between 1 – 3 Sub headings with no more than 300 words. More than 3 subheadings allowed if each point is a subheading. 9. A WP account will be created for you to write and submit your articles in draft mode 10. A Gravatar account and image will be required. Instructions on how to setup will be provided Upload your previous writing to your portfolio for viewing.

Bids on this Job (6)
Lawrence Olokede
2,000 1 Day
I am Interested in writing for you. I believe writing is more than just putting together words but an expression of the purest and the finest state of mind as it applies to each context. I have written Content for both Local Magazine (High-Flyers) and International Magazine (Gride Magazine) as well as several other Online publications. I believe I am the best for the Job!
Chinedu Oparah
2,000 1 Day
I am interested in writing for you. I'm skilled at writing riveting and information rich articles. I have two years experience writing web content for various platforms. I have worked with both Nigerian and non Nigerian clients. I'm also an entrepreneur. Therefore, I can assure you that I have the best combination of skills for this job. I'm proficient with Word Press. I will welcome the opportunity to work with you long term. Thanks
Ayodeji Akindulu
2,500 1 Day
I'm the Lead Strategist for Beyond School Network International (BESNI Nigeria). We help young minds through a PRS (Psyche Revolution & Self-discovery) program. I run a where i celebrate young entrpreneurs and help upcoming ones on how to discover their passion, explore, create value around it, meet a need through it, impact and the end point will definately be Global relevance. I have a helped a couple of SME's in branding and packing placing their business online also wiith my experience as a Goggle Digital Marketer.Our motto is #DISCOVERY #IMPACT & #RELEVANCE. With this detailed info, i hope to give you a top notch write up that will make more young people productive in their carreer and more people discover their passion and create value around it.
Ayomide Oluwajoba
2,000 2 Days
I am interested in writing for you. I promise to use my essay winning ideas in helping the organisation.
Thankgod Nteh
2,000 2 Days
I am interested in writing for you. I would work very hard in other to put in my best.
Boma Ilamina-eremie
2,000 1 Day
Hello. I currently write for but welcome the opportunity to use my skills on other sites.

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