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Looking for experienced UI/UX designer for my website idea
by Danforte Ibrahim
1 Wk project Sokoto 3 days ago 10,000
I have an idea of the design, and all I need is an experienced UI designer to polish and refine my mock-up so that it's presentable and the developers can work on it. Please take into consideration that designers in Sokoto are my premiere priority, but if your portfolio stands out i am willing to reconsider. For the promptest decision making on my side, please refer to us your most accomplished designing projects.
bids (4)
Ellem Kuti
10,000 1 Day
can we begin?
Samuel Omole
10,000 4 Days
i can transform your idea into a reality and bring to life what you have envisioned
Eammanuel Benson
10,000 1 Wk
Hi, I am a Professional UX/UI designer with 5 years experience and I can provide you modern and professional designs for your website, also with unlimited reviews during the time phrase. Thanks in anticipation for the opportunity.
Joy Amao
15,000 1 Wk
Hi, I am an expert UX/UI designer and I can provide you modern and professional designs for your website. I will provide you multiple layout designs starting with 2-3 options for the Home Page.