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-African Proverb
Looking for a Veterinary Doctor or Animal Scientist to Create Poultry Production Blog Posts
by Ayo Oyedotun
30 Days project Oyo 1 month left 22,500
I supply day old chicks and point of lay hens to poultry farmers. Unfortunately, I am unable to visit their farms personally. So, I am looking to create blog posts that will serve as a guide for them. This will relate to everything they need to get started as a poultry farmer, basic day to day activities on the farm, how to brood chickens etc. I will share specific topics with you as soon as we have an agreement. I will also need you to create the content for new product pages. Once I share the name of the product and basic information, you will need to expand it into a more meaningful and inviting product description. This will be minimum of 400 words, and payment will be N500 per product. The blog posts will be minimum of 1000 words, and payment will be in batches of 5 articles at the rate of N1000 per article. This will be an ongoing work, and not a one-time thing. Let's start with 20 blog posts and 5 products.
bids (6)
Segun Aderohunmu
24,000 15 Days
My professionalism in poultry and article writing experience can guaranty a successful job
Amina Amouha
30,000 12 Days
Simply put, i can deliver this in next to not time.
No Negotiations
Mayowa Karim
25,000 20 Days
My craft is to transform your solid ideas into writing that is both clear and succinct. I help my clients avoid redundancy and maintaining a uniform voice throughout. Given my background in academia, I am willing and able to challenge assertions and ideas in your manuscript.
No Negotiations
Haydar Audu
30,000 15 Days
I have an excellent mastery of grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary, and I am just as fluent in poetry and prose as I am in technical and professional writing. My areas of expertise range from writing assignments and presentations to product descriptions and marketing content.
No Negotiations
Ifeoma Okonji
24,000 20 Days
My diverse history of contributing to writing and marketing projects for web and print publications has enabled me to explore many different realms. If you are looking for captivating quality writing, with attention to deadlines, please feel free to contact me, and I will be at your service. Thank you
No Negotiations
Chisom Obasi
25,000 25 Days
Hello and nice to meet you, Chisom here. Article writing an content creation are my forte. Don't take my word for it, look through my profile and see what previous client had to say about me. 1k per article is a bit difficult even for seasoned pro's. Please note i will have to do some research to get acquitted with the subject matter before any writing can be done. The duration stated is as a result of extensive research to be done. Hope to hear from you
No Negotiations